Chew on This: Game Changing Dental Procedure Awarded Duning At UTHSC

A $1.8 million grant awarded to a researcher at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is funding research that could change the way root canals are performed.
George Huang, director of bioscience research at UTHSC, has been studying for four years a method of implanting stem cells and healthy tissue from a tooth into a diseased root canal. The goal is to foster regeneration of new cells rather than simply clearing and filling the root canal.

“We are trying to revolutionize endodontics,” Huang said in a release. “In the past decade or so, the discipline of modern tissue engineering has become more advanced. Coupled with a better understanding of stem cells, the science has given rise to a new field of study: regenerative medicine.”

The traditional method of treating a diseased root canal involves removing decayed tissue and filling the void with an artificial substance.
Huang and a team of researchers will determine the feasibility of whether implanting stem cells into a diseased root canal will facilitate growth of new cells.

Huang joined UTHSC in May 2012 from Boston University.

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