Dental Anesthesia for Cherry Creek & Glendale, CO

Millions of patients just like you are safely treated for pain and anxiety with sedatives and anesthesia every year before undergoing dental treatments. The office of Dr. David P. Micklin in Cherry Creek uses anesthesia to control pain, induce relaxation, put our patients in a deep sleep, or relax children to perform their dental procedures safely. Your safety and comfort at our office in Glendale are of utmost importance to us, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible with every procedure .

Anesthesia & Your Glendale Dentist

There are different ways in which to administer anesthesia at our office in Cherry Creek. Local anesthetic refers to numbing of a specific section of your mouth, blocking nerves which would otherwise tell your brain you’re in pain. Local anesthesia will often be administered by injection after a topical numbing agent is used, the same that can be used for mouth sores. For some of our procedures in Glendale, we will use a sedative instead which will sedate you moderately, like inhalation of nitrous oxide, a pill, or injection. For more intensive procedures, you may but put under with deep sedation. When unconscious, your anxiety and ability to feel pain  are suppressed entirely.

Anesthesia and Sedation in Glendale

You will always be taken care of to the best of our staff’s ability at our office in Glendale, and we’ll never cut corners when it comes to your safety and comfort at our office. We’ve been treating the Glendale area with dental procedures that require safely administered anesthesia for years because we want your visit to be as comfortable as possible for you. Whether we’re numbing a tooth locally or putting you into a deep sleep for your procedure, know that we are taking every precaution to make sure your visit to Dr. David P. Micklin’s office in Cherry Creek is a positive experience.

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When it comes to your smile and the smiles of your families in Glendale, we take our job very seriously. We do our part in making the smiles of Glendale as bright and beautiful as possible using the latest techniques in family dentistry. Our treatments include tooth extractions, dental crowns, fillings, cleaning, root canals, dental bridges, sealants, cosmetic dentistry and more. Your comfort and satisfaction mean everything to us, and we’ll always go the extra mile for Glendale as well as the entirety of the 80246 area. Forging long-lasting relationships with our patients and doing everything we can to keep you coming back to our Cherry Creek location is our goal, and we accomplish this by delivering the best care possible to those who choose our dental office for their family dentist needs. We’ll help educate you and your family on the best practices for their dental health in a friendly and informed fashion, so your teeth will be strong and beautiful for the years to come. Schedule your appointment with David P. Micklin in Glendale today!

David P. Micklin D.D.S. is a dentist serving Cherry Creek and Glendale, CO. Our dental office offers family dentistry in Glendale and the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

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