Emergency Dentist Serving Cherry Creek & Glendale, CO

If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in the Glendale area, look no further than the office of David P. Micklin. We take your needs very seriously, and in certain urgent situations, receiving treatment in time can make the difference between keeping or losing a tooth. That’s why we want to be a good resource for you and your family in the event of a need for an emergency dentist after office business hours. Like many dental offices, we keep certain hours of our day and have extended hours for emergency dentist situations. If you or your loved ones in Glendale or throughout the 80246 area have a situation that requires an emergency dentist, call Dr. David P. Micklin.

An Emergency Dentist in Glendale

Often an emergency dentist will be needed because of a chipped or lost tooth. In Glendale, we see a lot of this in the form of sports injuries and with younger people. That’s why we recommend a mouth guard to protect your mouth and cheeks from injuries during sports games, helping avoid emergency dentist trips. By taking preventive measures during high-risk activities, you could prevent a need for an emergency dentist like Dr. David P. Micklin in Glendale. If a tooth is lost or chipped, try and get your tooth into a cup of milk or saliva and call your emergency dentist in Cherry Creek right away to get it reattached before it’s too late.

Help! I Need an Emergency Dentist in Glendale

Sometimes the pain from a tooth infection can come out of nowhere. All of a sudden you’re in excruciating pain and in need of an emergency dentist to figure out what is happening and how to make it stop. If this happens to you in Glendale or anywhere else in the 80246 area, know that the office of Dr. David P. Micklin has your back. Day or night, you can call us for your emergency dentist needs. We can perform root canals, temporary crowns, extractions, fillings and more for your emergency dentist needs. Our office in Cherry Creek has seen it all, and we are devoted to being a reliable and effective emergency dentist office.

Your Emergency Dentist in Glendale

When it comes to your smile and the smiles of your families in Glendale, we take our job as an emergency dentist office very seriously. We do our part in making the smiles of Glendale as bright and beautiful as possible using the latest techniques. Our treatments include tooth extractions, dental crowns, fillings, cleaning, root canals, dental bridges, sealants, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry and more. Your comfort and satisfaction mean everything to us, and we’ll always go the extra mile for Glendale as well as the entirety of the 80246 area. Forging long-lasting relationships with our patients and doing everything we can to keep you coming back to our Cherry Creek location is our goal, and we accomplish this by delivering the best care possible to those who choose our dental office for their family dentist needs. We’ll help educate you and your family on the best practices for their dental health in a friendly and informed fashion, so your teeth will be strong and beautiful for the years to come. Schedule your appointment with David P. Micklin today!

David P. Micklin D.D.S. is a dentist serving Cherry Creek and Glendale, CO. Our dental office offers family dentistry in Glendale and the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

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