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Teeth cleaning is very important not just for the health of your mouth, but for the rest of your body as well. Diseases like heart disease, dementia, diabetes and more can be caused or greatly worsened by having poor dental health and not heeding the advice given to you by D. Micklin during your last visit to our Glendale office. By regularly cleaning your teeth and having them cleaned further at our office in Glendale, you are helping keep your whole body healthy. Teeth cleanings help prevent disease and tooth loss while keeping you healthy and smiling brightly.

Why Tartar is The Enemy of Oral Health

Your immune system is incredible at fighting off the “bad guys” in your body that try to cause you harm. You might have heard a dentist mention gum disease before and how detrimental to your health it can be, that is because gum disease is your immune system attacking your gums. Gums swell and bleed in response to the build-up of tartar and the bacteria as well as toxins that accompany it, triggering a chronic inflammatory response that manifests in swollen, bleeding gums. Gum disease can also progress, causing major damage to your bones and the tissues or your mouth. Due to the inceasant combat with your gum, your immune system will likely begin to falter after some time, leaving you much more susceptible to other diseases and illnesses. Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent the terrible repercussions of poor dental care.

Teeth Cleaning, the Dr. David P. Micklin Way

Your Cherry Creek dental hygienist will use special tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, preventing gum disease and keeping harmful bacteria from further irritating your gums and causing gum disease. You can also ask Dr. Micklin at his Glendale office what classification or level your gum disease has progressed to, so you can know what to expect. Regular flossing and brushing can reverse any advanced gum disease that may be occurring. Make sure afterward you are brushing at least twice a day and flossing when you can. Regular cleans from your dentist in Cherry Creek are recommended twice a year or more depending on the health of your mouth.

The Family Dentist for Your Cleanest Teeth

When it comes to your smile and the smiles of your families in the Glendale area, we take our job very seriously. We do our part in making the smiles of Glendale as bright and beautiful as possible using the latest techniques in family dentistry. Our treatments include extractions, fillings, cleaning, root canals, bridges, sealants, cosmetic dentistry and more. Your comfort and satisfaction mean everything to us, and we’ll always go the extra mile for Glendale as well as the entirety of the 80246 area. Forging long-lasting relationships with our patients and doing everything we can to keep you coming back to our Cherry Creek location is our goal, and we accomplish this by delivering the best care possible to those who choose our dental office for their family dentist needs. We’ll help educate you and your family on the best practices for their dental health in a friendly and informed fashion, so your teeth will be strong and beautiful for the years to come. Schedule your appointment with David P. Micklin in Cherry Creek today!

David P. Micklin D.D.S. is a dentist serving Cherry Creek and Glendale, CO. Our dental office offers family dentistry in Glendale and the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

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