It’s been a while since my first review and I’ve been back a few times to see Dr. Micklin. The only thing that has changed is how comfortable I know feel going to the dentist. Wait! Did I just say that?

I had to go in again the other day to get some previous work finished up. Knowing what to expect I wasn’t the least bit worried…ok, maybe a little. I was greeted with the usual smile and friendly hello and barely had to wait.

Once I was called back to see the dentist. I was in good hands. Dr. Micklin and his entire staff are great and will always go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I can certainly stand behind my original review and highly recommend Dr Micklin. Go get yer teeth’s cleaned.

Larren M.
Denver, CO


Good news-you don’t have to be afraid of going to the dentist anymore!

Having moved to Denver full time, I needed a new dentist, and a good one. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Micklin, so I gave them a call and scheduled a cleaning/check up.

I can say without question it was the best dentist appointment I’ve ever had. The cleaning was completely painless and helpful, and Dr. Micklin gave a good, thorough description of how everything looked, but didn’t try to sell me anything. He was utterly professional but most of all, made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

The hygenist was incredibly helpful-after my check up she gave me a detailed list of the best ways to maintain healthy teeth/gums, including a way of flossing that I had never been shown before but has completely turned around my oral hygiene. She also recommended a Sonicare toothbrush, which, will expensive, was well worth and investment and again, completely turned around my oral hygiene.

Everyone at Dr. Micklin’s office really does care about the health of your teeth, and making sure you are comfortable, even if it’s just a check up. They’re true professionals and they make going to the dentist a painless experience.

If you’re looking for a dentist, or are even just thinking about switching, give their office a call. They’re the best around!

Dylan L.
Denver, CO

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